Privacy Policy

1. Basic Concept

The WPI Forum website (hereafter called “the Site”) is used by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(hereinafter referred to as “JSPS”)to provide information and services. User information is collected within parameters necessary to smoothly conduct the Site’s operations. The collected information is properly handled within the limits of the usage purposes noted below.

2. Scope of Information Collection

(1) The Site automatically collects information such as domain names, IP addresses, and Site browsing histories. To ascertain the state of Site usage such as the number of times it is accessed, cookies are used to collect user information.
(2) Users are asked to register their name, phone number, and email address when making inquiries to this site.
(3) Users may be asked to register their affiliated institution/department/position, name, age, occupation, phone number and email address when applying for events or responding to questionnaires.

3. Usage Purposes

(1) Information collected under paragraph 2(1) is used as reference for smoothly carrying out the services provided by the Site. Google Analytics is used to ascertain the state of Site usage. It uses cookies to collect user information. For details regarding Google Analytics, please see the following Google sites:
Google Analytics user agreement
Google Privacy Policy
(2) Information collected under paragraph 2(2) is used to respond to user inquires.
(3) Information collected under paragraph 2(3) is used only to the degree required to carry out events and other activities.

4. Restrictions on the use and provision of collected information

Collected information is used by JSPS only for the three purposes stated above and is not provided to third parties other than entities contracted to perform JSPS-related work. Exceptions are when disclosure is required based on laws or regulations, when reporting illegal access or illegal actions such as threats, or when another exceptional reason exists.
However, statically processed Site access information and user attributes may be given public access.

5. Security Measures

JSPS takes necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss and damage and to properly manage collected information.
A portion of JSPS’s questionnaire service operation may be contracted to external entities. Necessary measures are taken to assure that contractors properly manage the collected information.

6. Scope of Application

The above-stipulated privacy policy applies only to this Site. How information is handled in linked sites is determined by their respective operators.

7. Social Media Account

Some social networking services (SNS) have buttons for connecting to websites. When browsing such sites, your user ID and accessed site information may automatically be transmitted back to the SNS. For details, please see “SNSの利用者のみなさまへの留意事項” (Personal Information Protection Commission).
With regard to the privacy policies of social media accessed when using the Site, please refer to the websites of their respective operators.

8. Changes to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to amendment. Notification of changes will be made on the Site.

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Last revision: 7 May 2019