Site Policy

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (hereinafter referred to as “JSPS”) operates the WPI Forum website (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”). To use of the Site, you are requested to agree on the following terms.

1. Copyrights:

The rights to all information (e.g., logos, texts, graphs, photographs, videos) posted on the Site belong to JSPS or persons who provided the information to JSPS. All posted information is subject to copyright laws and to the copyright protection provisions of international treaties. With the exception of personal use or other purposes to the extent permitted by the copyright laws, information on the Site may not be copied or reused without permission from JSPS or the copyright holder. When using the information with permission, please give credit as follows or as instructed by the copyright holder.

Examples of credit:
“Provided by JSPS,” ”Courtesy of JSPS,” ”Copyright ©JSPS”
*Please note such if you modify or edit information.

Please note that the following case is not covered under the aforementioned scope of uses.
•In the case of using information on individuals, including researchers, to protect their publicity rights and portrait rights, prior permission must be obtained from JSPS.

When you intend to use information posted on the Site, please contact the WPI Program Center (in JSPS) via email: jspstoplevel* (Please replace * with @)

2. User Obligation

The user is obligated to obey all pertinent laws and regulations on the usage of the Site.

3. Linking

When linking this Site on another (source) website, please contact the WPI Program Center at the following email address for prior permission. In your message, please include the link destination URL and the link source URL along with your reason for making the link. If JSPS asks you to delete or modify the link, please follow its instructions.

Email: jspstoplevel* (Please replace * with @)

Please note that linking the Site is forbidden in the following cases:
– Linking to sites whose object or content violates public order or standards of decency.
– Linking in such a way that JSPS’s website can be mistaken to be part of the source site.
– Linking in such a way that it provides misinformation or causes misunderstanding to third parties.

4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1) This Site Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
2) In the case of disputes related to the use of content based on the Site Policy, or on the Site Policy, the user agrees that the exclusive court of first instance shall be the district court with jurisdiction in the place where the organization that publishes the disputed content or the Site Policy is located.

5. Exemption Clauses

1) Though every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the Site, JSPS assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any action by users related to information derived from the Site.
2) The links of the websites of other organizations, companies (etc.) other than JSPS may be placed on the Site. Please note that JSPS assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the websites of organizations, companies (etc.) linked to the Site.
3) JSPS has no involvement in the websites of any third party linked to the Site. In addition, JSPS takes no responsibility for problems or damage caused by such links.
4) The running of the Site may be stopped or terminated, and information posted on the Site and its contents may be modified or deleted at any time without prior notice.

Last update: July 31, 2019